The more that I work as a hostess and a receptionist, the more I feel called to a career of counseling. I don’t want a job from 9-5. I want to do something that matters in the grand scheme of things. I want to actually help people and not cater to their every whim. I don’t want to be an employee my whole life. Praise God that I am working on my education. I do like this job a lot and I am thankful. But I have much grander plans in mind.

Dreams and Hopes and Apartments

So I had a lovely weekend that was filled with adventure, new experiences, and friends. During this weekend I came to a few conclusions. 

I decided that one day I will very much enjoy living on my own. I can imagine a tiny apartment with bright colors and vintage decorations. It just makes me all gooey inside thinking about it. I imagine a lot of yellow walls. Not that bright, banana, finger-paint yellow but a soft, creamy yellow. White curtains, shelves full of books, and daffodils in a vase. 

I have always wanted to get married. Since I was young, my hopes and dreams were for a husband, a house, and little ones. Those dreams are still my heart’s desire yet I can truly say that I can be happy without those things. God’s plan for me in the immediate future is to finish college and pursue my career. I know that He has it all figured out and the timing will be perfect when the right man comes along. 

For now I am content moving forward, having good times with friends, and dreaming about my little apartment.